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Our COVID-19 Response for Voilà Curbside Pickup.

We believe that online grocery curbside pickup is an important service – one that’s needed more now than ever before.

At Voilà by Sobeys, the safety of our customers and teammates is our top priority. We have implemented extensive measures to ensure a safe curbside pickup service. We will stay in front of the curve and continue to assess and implement new measures as needed.

Keeping our Customers and Teammates Safe

You can shop Voilà with confidence knowing we are doing everything we can to keep you safe. Our teammates:

  • Wash their hands every 15 minutes.
  • Always wear masks when assembling and delivering orders.
  • Manage regular and frequent cleaning of all curbside pickup equipment.
  • Work at a safe distance from one another to respect physical distancing.
  • Do not come to work if they are sick.
  • Are required to disclose to us if they test positive for COVID-19.
    • If one of our teammates tests positive for COVID-19, we will follow the direction of Public Health to deep-clean as directed and investigate known points of contact. We will also support our teammates throughout their recovery.

Managing a Safe Curbside Pickup Experience

We’ve also adjusted our curbside pickup experience to include additional safety measures:

  • Curbside pickup is contactless. Customers are to stay in the safety and comfort of their own vehicle and simply call or text the number indicated at the curbside parking spot to let us know they’ve arrived.
  • We ask that customers open their vehicle trunk or doors in advance of our teammates arriving with their order. From a safe distance, our teammates will review the order with our customers. Orders will be charged to the customers credit card once they confirm they are satisfied.

Adjusting our Offering

To help us serve more customers, we’re focusing our offering on the items our customers are looking for the most.

  • We’ll stock essential items only and expand our assortment over time.
  • We’re limiting quantities of high demand products per order.
  • We’re offering substitutions if products are not available.

If a curbside pickup time slot isn’t available, please check back often, as we continue to increase our capacity to meet the growing demand.

For more information about Sobeys COVID-19 response, please read here.

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