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$0.00Minimum: $50.00

While Supplies Last

Offer valid from 2021-04-08 to 2021-04-14

Products on offer

Compliments Wieners 450 g

450g($0.22 per 100g)

Sardo Olives Stuffed Mammoth 500 ml

While Supplies Last
500ml($0.97 per 100ml)

Noah Martin Hot Hungarian Salami Chub 375 g

While Supplies Last
375g($1.13 per 100g)

Schneiders Slimstik Pepperoni 250 g

250g($3.00 per 100g)

Greenfield Back Bacon 200 g

200g($4.00 per 100g)

Schneiders Pepperoni Chub 250 g

250g($3.20 per 100g)

Freybe Honey Ham Stick 500 g

500g($2.60 per 100g)