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Schneiders Naturally Smoked Ham Sausage Ring 300 g

300g ($2.83 per 100g)

Product Information

Enjoy the classic taste of ham in a uniquely different way with Schneiders Naturally Smoked Ham Sausage Ring. When ground and stuffed into its casing, our premium pork offers a naturally meaty bite and retains the incredible juiciness that we all know and love in ham, making for an unusual and satisfying sausage. The classic ring shape makes it easy to grill for a party or slice, pan fry, and add to breakfast scrambles. Since 1890, Schneiders brand has established a rich heritage of original and authentic recipes, using premium ingredients and taking all the time needed to honour the origin and inspiration of each recipe. Quality never gets old.



Product Features

- SMOKED HAM SAUSAGE: Premium pork sausage with all the juiciness of ham - RICH AND SATISFYING: Naturally meaty sausage that is incredibly satisfying - WELL-BALANCED: A touch of sweetness complements the pork flavour - DISTINCTIVE SHAPE: Classic ring shape from the distinctive casing - QUALITY NEVER GETS OLD™: Uncompromising commitment to quality since 1890

Cooking & Usage Tips

No Cook Instruction Required.