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Minimum: $50.00

Compliments Oxygenated Stain Remover 680 g

680g ($0.59 per 100g)

Product Information



Preparation And Usage

Directions [30 ml (2 tbsp) - 1 scoop] Before use, test in an inconspicuous area. Ensure product is completely dissolved before adding clothes to washing machine. Use hot water for best results. For cold water washing, premix the powder in a separate container and than add mixture to the wash water. Stain type: removing stains from laundry, Compliments Oxygenated Stain Remover: regular 1 scoop HE 1/2 scoop, water: per regular load, mixing instructions: add water to machine. Add 1 scoop and let dissolve. Add detergent and then add clothing. Complete wash cycle. For HE (high efficiency) washing machines, use 1/2 scoop and add directly to the drum, then add clothes and detergent as usual. Stain type: removing common stains, Compliments Oxygenated Stain Remover: 1/8 scoop, water: per 500 ml, mixing instructions: use with water-washable items including fabrics, clothing, upholstery and carpets. Pour mixed solution onto item and leave for 10 to 20 minutes. Rub stain with brush or sponge. Soak up remaining solution with a clean, dry cloth. Rinse well with water. Soak up remaining liquid again and let dry. For carpets, vacuum as usual after stain removal. Stain type: removing stains by soaking, Compliments Oxygenated Stain Remover: 1 scoop, water: per 4 L, mixing instructions: mix solution with hot water and soak item for 30 minutes to 4 hours depending on toughness of stain. If necessary, repeat and increase to 4 scoops. After soaking, add item to laundry and wash. Safe handling Never mix Compliments Oxygenated Stain Remover near face. Do not combine product with chlorine bleach or toxic chemicals. Before washing any garment, refer to manufacturer's suggested guidelines. Always rinse product thoroughly before placing in dryer. Do not place mixed product in an airtight container. If using product to clean metals, make sure to rinse thoroughly and do not soak. Never use product on wool or wool blends, silk, leather, latex materials, dry clean only fabrics, jewelry, finished wood or rust.