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Mina Breakfast Grill Halal Chicken Strips 375 g

375g ($0.86 per 100g)

Product Information

Enjoy a hearty breakfast with Mina Breakfast Grill Halal Chicken Strips. These thick chicken strips are strictly Zabeeha by hand and carefully cooked and sliced to achieve the perfect taste and texture. Easy to heat and serve, Mina Halal Chicken Strips add mouthwatering flavour to breakfast sandwiches or can be served up as a tasty side to eggs, pancakes, or other breakfast favourites. A proudly Canadian brand, Mina strictly adheres to the most stringent halal process and is verified by the Halal Monitoring Authority (HMA).



Cooking & Usage Tips

Heating instructions: Skillet: place Chicken Breakfast Strips in a pre-heated nonstick fry pan at medium - low heat. Cook 2 ½ - 4 ½ minutes turning frequently until desired crispness. Microwave: place 3 slices in a single layer on a paper towel-lined microwave-safe plate. Cover with an additional paper towel. Microwave on high (100% power) 2 to 3 minutes. Note: microwave ovens can vary due to wattage, age and line voltage. Time can also vary due to initial temperature of product, size and shape of product, and standing time. Cooking times given are approximate.