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Philips 40W EcoVantage Chandelier SB Clear Light Bulbs 2 EA

2 per pack ($5.50 per item)

Product Information



Preparation And Usage

Operating instructions: For indoor use only. Suitable for use in open fixtures. Do not exceed the maximum wattage rating of the fixture. Before replacing, turn off power and let lamp cool to avoid electrical shock or burn. Do not allow hot bulb to come in contact with liquid or metal parts of the fixture as glass may shatter. Do not use if outer glass is scratched or broken since it may break during operation or removal. If outer glass breaks the lamp may continue to light, however, immediately discontinue use. Due to the heat that radiates from the bulb, do not use in close proximity to combustible materials or objects susceptible to drying or fading. Do not use bulbs in ceiling fans or any application exposed to vibrating conditions. Manage in accord with disposal laws.