Oikos Banana Yogurt 4 x 100 g

4 x 100g ($1.00 per 100g)
Nut Free
Peanut Free

Product Information

In certain parts of the world, people rely on bananas as a staple in their diets and it’s not hard to understand why! They provide lots of energy, contain high amounts of potassium, are easy to digest and have a simple yet delicious taste. What more could you ask from a fruit? With Oikos 2% Greek Banana yogurt, true banana lovers need to look no further for their delights! Try this creamy and unique flavour today. Treat yourself to an escape moment under the warm tropical sun with Oikos Greek Banana yogurt.




Ingredients: Yogurt (skim milk, cream, active bacterial cultures) Banana preparation (water, sugar, banana puree, corn starch, natural flavour and colour, lemon juice concentrate, locust bean gum, sodium citrate)


Keep refrigerated