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ATTITUDE Baby Leaves Air Purifier Pear Nectar 227 g

227g ($3.30 per 100g)

Product Information

ATTITUDE Baby Leaves Air Purifier is safe and effective. Your baby spends on average up to 16 hours daily indoors, so its important to keep the ambient air as pure and refreshing for you and your baby. This product features activated carbon, a natural highly-absorbent charcoal that will purify indoor air of stubborn odours and contaminants, while gently releasing a natural and familiar pear nectar scent that can last up to six weeks (depending on room size). Features: • Natural Air Purifier for baby that traps air pollutants and releases a natural and soft pear nectar scent. • Natural Air Purifier for baby features resin to remove odors for a long-lasting effect. • Worry-Free for baby’s health: All natural ingredients, derived from plants and minerals only. • PETA Certified; 100% vegan and never tested on animals. Directions: Remove container lid and discard freshness seal. Put the lid back on the container. Adjust to desired level of absorption and scent intensity.




Natural plant-derived fragrance, Activated carbon (air purifier), Resin (odour neutralizing and fragrance releaser)

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