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M&M's Candy Milk Chocolate 48 g

48g($2.06 per 100g)

M&M's Candies Milk Chocolate Peanut 49 g

49g($2.02 per 100g)

M&M's Minis Candy Milk Chocolate 200 g

200g($2.25 per 100g)

Maltesers Candy Stand Up Pouch 165 g

165g($2.72 per 100g)

Mars Peanut-Free Bites 193 g

193g($2.33 per 100g)

M&M's Candy Milk Chocolate 1 kg

1kg($1.40 per 100g)

M&M's Chocolate Candy Classic Mix 185 g

185g($2.43 per 100g)

Ferrero Rocher Chocolates 3 Packs 37.5 g

12.5g($11.92 per 100g)

Nestlé Turtles Chocolates Heart 183 g

183g($6.01 per 100g)

Ferrero Rocher Chocolates Heart 200 g

200g($6.50 per 100g)

Cadbury Flake 32 g

32g($6.22 per 100g)

Cadbury Mini Eggs Jumbo 943 g

943g($2.01 per 100g)

Cadbury Caramilk Minis 200 g

200g($2.65 per 100g)

Mars Peanut Free Bites 400 g

400g($2.40 per 100g)