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Product list


Mamee Noodle Snack Monster BBQ 10 x 30 g

10 x 30g($1.16 per 100g)

Dan-D-Pak Organic Chestnuts 100 g

100g($1.49 per 100g)

Dan-D-Pak Nori Crunchy Peanuts 700 g

700g($1.00 per 100g)

Dan-D-Pak Seasoned Peanuts 300 g

300g($0.83 per 100g)

Paldo Wasabi Flavour Seaweed 15 g

15g($14.60 per 100g)

Soo Fruit Flavour Beef Jerky 170 g

170g($6.46 per 100g)

Soo Sliced And Formed Beef Jerky 170 g

170g($6.46 per 100g)

Bikano Chatak Masala Chips 60 g

60g($2.48 per 100g)

Growers Garlic Peanuts 80 g

80g($2.49 per 100g)

Spicy Peanuts 210 g

210g($1.66 per 100g)