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Deep Jeera Papad 200 g

200g ($1.00 per 100g)
Lactose Free

Product Information



Cooking & Usage Tips

Cooking instructions: To microwave: lightly brush both sides of wafer with vegetable oil. Place wafer in microwave (900 watt) and cook on medium power for approximately 80 to 90 seconds. Note: heating times may vary depending on oven wattage and may need adjusting. To roast: using tongs, individually roast wafer over open flame quickly flipping and moving wafer as necessary for even cooking. For those not experienced in using open flame, use the microwave or frying methods only, heating until fully cooked. Note: as stoves differ, times may vary. To fry: heat vegetable oil in frying pan. Test oil temperature with a small piece of wafer to check to see if wafer fries immediately. Using tongs, individually fry each wafer for a few seconds. Remove the wafer and place over paper towel to drain excess oil.


Store in cool and dry place