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Becel Margarine Original 1.81kg

1.81kg ($0.72 per 100g)
Gluten Free

Product Information

Proudly crafted in Canada, Becel Original has been a staple in Canadians' kitchens for over 40 years. Whether it's a freshly toasted bagel to start your day, eggs scrambled to perfection for a simple lunch, or a batch of delightfully soft and chewy cookies, treat your family to that iconic Becel taste you know and love. Ideal for cooking, baking or spreading, Becel Original can be used as a 1:1 swap for butter in your favourite sweet or savoury dish.A healthy diet low in saturated and trans fats may reduce the risk of heart disease. Becel is low in saturated fat and has no trans fat. No artificial preservatives, flavours or colours. Made with plant-based oils. Lifestyle & Dietary Needs: Kosher, Gluten-free, No artificial preservatives, No trans fat, Cholesterol free, Low in saturated fat, Non-hydrogenated, Source of omega-3.

Country Of Origin




Product Features

Non-hydrogenated, no trans fat, low in saturated fats, safe for baking, cooking and frying.

Cooking & Usage Tips

Keep refrigerated and use clean utensils

Storage Tips

Refrigerate but do not freeze


Canola oil 74%, Water, Modified palm and palm kernel oils 6%, Salt, Buttermilk powder 0.2% (milk), Natural flavours, Lactic acid, Vitamin A palmitate (vitamin A), Vitamin D3, Beta carotene, Soy lecithin, Calcium disodium EDTA.

Recycling Information

Recyclable - please recycle


Keep refrigerated and use clean utensils

Quick Recipe Ideas

Use as a spread, in cooking, baking and frying.

Nutritional Information

per (10 g)
Amount                              % Daily Value
Calories 70
Fat 8 g                     5 %
 Saturated 1 g                     5 %
 + Trans 0 g
  Omega-6 0 g
  Omega-3 0 g
 Monounsaturated Fats 0 g
Cholesterol 0 mg
Sodium 70 mg                     3 %
Potassium 0 mg                     0 %
Carbohydrate 0 g                     0 %
 Fibre 0 g                     0 %
 Sugars 0 g
 Sugar Alcohols 0 mg
Protein 0 g
Vitamin A                     10 %
Vitamin C                     0 %
Calcium                     0 %
Iron                     0 %


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