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Schneiders Naturally Hardwood Smoked Spicy Sicilian Sausage 375 g

375g ($2.26 per 100g)

Product Information

Crafted from our premium cuts of pork, Schneiders Naturally Hardwood Smoked Spicy Sicilian Sausages bring mouthwatering Sicilian taste and heat to your table. These Italian pork sausages are boldly flavoured with a fiery blend of spices and then slowly smoked to give them rich taste and colour. Cook these smoked sausages on the grill under a broiler for a bit of char, then pair them with traditional condiments or add them sliced to pasta, flatbreads and more. Since 1890, Schneiders brand has established a rich heritage of original and authentic recipes, using premium ingredients and taking all the time needed to honour the origin and inspiration of each recipe. Quality never gets old.



Cooking & Usage Tips

Preparation Instructions: For Best Tasting Sausages Prepare On The Barbecue. Barbecue: Grill Over Medium Heat For 5-6 Minutes; Tur Ning Frequently. Stovetop: Pan-Fry Over Medium Heat For 12-15 Minutes; Turning Frequently.